Trazmick Recordings is proud to announce the release of Midnight North’s debut album, End of the Night. End of the Night will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes and other online stores and streaming services on June 18th. A limited pressing of 500 digipak CDs will be for sale on Bandcamp and at the band’s shows after June 18th. Plans to release 12″ vinyl are in process as are CD release parties for later this summer.

Midnight North - End of the NightMidnight North’s debut album, End of the Night, sonically picks up where Ryan Adams & the Cardinals left off, heartfelt rock & folk songs decked out in a tidy country rock nudie suit, smartly tailored with intuitively tight vocal harmonies and a steady beat. Produced by Connor and Grahame and recorded amidst the redwood groves at In The Pocket Studios in Forestville, CA, End of the Night peaks with a soaring slow burner that no great rock album would be complete without, Peck’s “All Remains the Same.” Worth a listen: the crisp guitars and memorable melody of opener “Falling,” the band strutting through “Miss M,” the gorgeous playing and singing on “Hold Me Down” and, of course, the closing title track. Lesh put it best when he said, “We’ve got a little bit of country in us, but it’s just rock n’ roll.”