There's Always a Story artworkMidnight North’s fourth studio album, There’s Always a Story is now available for pre-order! Recorded in Marin County, California in early 2020, and then completed remotely, this album features ten new songs that highlight the best of Midnight North.

Formats include 150 gram 12” vinyl, CD, and digital. Mastered for vinyl by the legendary Betty Cantor-Jackson, and enclosed in a custom, textured, linen tip-on record jacket. These are real works of art, and these jackets live up to the wonderful “old book cover” inspired design by Eva Edgren and Connor O’Sullivan. Printed and pressed in the USA.

Each pre-order also comes with a download of our brand new single “Wild Card,” track one from There’s Always a Story. “Wild Card” is out today exclusively on Bandcamp as part of the album pre-sale.

Stay tuned for more as we lead up to the full length release in May 2021.