It’s here. Like a package in the mail. Delphinus. Dem Suite’s second full length, title inspired by the dolphin constellation in the northern sky, steps up and delivers that great expanse into your headphones. Continuing the stylistic telescoping they began with their first record Breaths and Pages, this new Trazmick CD and digital release muddies the contemporary waters with Elliott Peck’s luminous voice encountering reed tonalities and the last 40 years in keyboard advancements and drum technology lined up together on the showroom floor. As far as genres go, Dem Suite is international waters. Some of the landscape might remind you of home, but a second look reveals the glare of the water is skewing your vision. It isn’t just dance music, but you can dance to it. It isn’t soul, but it has it. We could spend all night arguing about what it is and what it isn’t, but by the time we put our finger on it, I bet you’ll probably have pressed play a second time.

Release Notes:
Catalog Number: TR-505

Liner Notes:
Dem Suite is Elliott Peck and Connor Jon O’Sullivan.
All songs written, recorded and produced by Dem Suite.
Mixed and mastered by Connor Jon O’Sullivan.
Artwork and design by Connor Jon O’Sullivan.
All songs published by Elliconn Music, BMI.


Matt Nelson – tenor saxophone
Nick Kovach – harmonica
Martin Daniel – additional production on Faucet On
Mike Scully and Arica Rust – additional engineering
Spinnerty – breaths, comfort and bourbon drinking
Hudson Harrington Berry – vibraphone
Toby Oler – banjo
Rob Schwartz – drums
Goyo Aranaga – hang