dem suite

Dem Suite is over a half decade deep into an experiment in deliberate songwriting; where art imitates science, with its’ requisite bubbling and smoking beakers of tight, yet lilting beats percolating with measured doses of jazzy soul. In their San Francisco lab, results are notated, scales weighed, waiting and proving their hunches correct and only dropping tunes when they are proven theory.

Elliott Peck’s voice creates an air that is smoky like Etta James and spooky like Badu, and lends itself to conducting a modern orchestra’s worth of instruments, wings open and gliding above a revamped electro-soul Wall of Sound. Behind the curtains, Connor O’Sullivan routinely pulls organic sounds out of electronic equipment; enshrouding driven live and digital rhythms into layers that have been circuit bent or sent to church. With a full length and two 7” EPs under their belt, Dem Suite now has the pleasure of dropping a fan-funded second full length album, Delphinus.