SpinnertyI’m sitting here at the kitchen table and my roommate Marie is tap dancing to the Grown Kids Radio show while she is cooking bread pudding. The smell is encircling me and Marie’s taps are happily punctuating a Spinnerty podcast, where he curates a recent trip to Out of the Past, a legendary record store in Chicago. Sound prospecting. Every cut had obviously been pored over with a jeweler’s loupe and felt. Every cut had checked out. It takes a lot of digging to find a single speck of gold and that makes a big pile all the more impressive. I like what Spinnerty listens to. He knows what’s good.

His skills don’t stop at at the mining and panning of audio gold, Spinnerty has produced records and remixes for San Francisco labels Om and Trazmick, with upcoming releases on the other side of the continental 48 for Philly’s Record Breakin and NYC Trust. The Spinnerty records that are being swooped up in Europe and Japan are the same Spinnerty records that have led to collaborations with artists like DJ Junior, Miles Bonny and John Robinson. As a producer, he casts his sonic nets far and wide across a rare mix of mysterious funk, UK influenced breakbeat, downtempo, soul and hip hop. As a DJ, he hits paydirt on the reg spinning a recipe generous with the next level beats and jazzy classic heavy plastic with a dash of 80s for the ladies. If you want to bring it up to heat on the dance floor or cool it down with the head nod, I think you know who to call.